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Grow Hydroponic Nutrients

Grow Hydroponic Nutrients

4.5 ★
0.94 x 8.634 x 6.275 inches

Product Details
  • PERFECT PLANT FOOD FOR ALL STAGES OF PLANT GROWTH - Complete nutrition for any type of hydroponic and container soil gardening. Dissolves easily in all types of water and provides your seedlings and plants with the 16 macro/micro nutrients needed for beautiful, healthy, repeatable results.
  • EASY TO USE - simply tear open the foil lined pouch, pour into water and gently stir. No need to test pH, EC/PPM or measure weve made it that simple!
  • CONVENIENT - Pre-measure packets available in a 3.5 and 5.5 gallon sizes makes a total of 17.5 gallons or 27.5 gallons. Nutrients are kept dry and fresh until you need them.
  • WORKS GREAT IN ALL TYPES OF HYDROPONIC SYSTEMS AND SLOWS ROOT BINDING IN SOIL-FILLED CONTAINERS - Developed to work with simple non-circulating hydroponic technology, but also works great with all types of hydroponic and soil-filled container growing methods. Nutrient solution can be stored in a light-blocking container for months.
  • SUPPORT A GREAT CAUSE! - Go Grow works with Operation Mobilization (Not-For-Profit) to give a portion of every sale which helps those in struggling communities