Ordering and Pricing


To help us to process your order quickly, the following information is required when you place your order or schedule your appointment for consultation:

Date of the event.
The place of the event.
Number of servings.
The shape of your cake (square, round, heart-shaped, etc).
Theme or design.

To place your orders we recommend you follow the deadlines below:

1 week before the event is required for standard celebration cakes
2 weeks - for cakes requiring artwork
8 weeks - for wedding cakes


When you place an order, a 50% deposit is required for wedding cakes - balance is due no later than 1 week prior to the event. For birthday or holiday cakes - balance is due upon delivery.

The price of the cake is determined by the size of a cake, type of icing (buttercream or fondant), and the complexity of design.

We will work with anyone's budget to fulfill her/his needs: either you want to order the simple but elegant cake or a unique and artful one.

For wedding cakes with a basic buttercream icing design, prices start from $4.00 per serving.

For wedding cakes with fondant overlay, prices start from $4.75 per serving.

For birthday or other occasion cakes, prices start from $2.75 per serving for buttercream cakes and $3.75 per serving for fondant cakes.


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